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Our high quality cost per click traffic and innovative management software can grow your business like you never thought possible.

Click Brilliance

Are you getting the most out of your traffic? Click Brilliance is a powerful traffic management software suite that's nothing short of pure genius!

High Quality Cost Per Click Traffic

Think all traffic is the same? With our proprietary "Real Time Conversion Engine", you'll never look at cost per click traffic the same.

Are you ready to take control of your traffic?

Click Brilliance is unlike anything else of its kind on the market today. Whether you're dealing with a few hundred clicks or tens of thousands of clicks, Click Brilliance provides you with the greatest possibility for increased click value, one click at a time.

Click Brilliance Includes The Following
Eight Software Modules

Advanced Link Tracking: You'll always know where your traffic is coming from as well as details such as geographic location, devices, and much more!

Mobile Tracking & Redirection: This can increase your ROI by sending mobile and tablet traffic to a website that's designed for these types of devices.

Website Monitoring With Optional Redirection: Websites go down... This module will monitor your website and if it's unreachable, will send your traffic to a "backup" website so your traffic is never wasted. It can also simply pause your traffic until your website is back online.

Pop-ups & Count-down Timers: Pop-ups and Count-Down Timers are proven methods for increasing optin rates and sales conversions. Now you can add these proven methods to ANY website you wish!

Website Rotator: The website rotator allows you to quickly and easily send traffic to multiple websites. This is perfect for running co-op campaigns or just sending traffic to multiple websites. Each website in your rotator will receive as much or as little traffic as you wish.

Split Tester: You'll quickly see which websites are producing the most leads and sales enabling you to send the remainder of your traffic to the highest converting site. This virtually guarantees higher conversions across the board!

Duplicate Click Redirection: About 10% of people click on an advertising link more than once. These people become stale after a certain amount of time has passed. This module gives you the ability to send these people to a fresh website which can increase conversions up to 12%.

GEO Targeting: Many products and services are only available to customers from certain geographical locations. This module ensures you never send traffic to product or service that's not available in their region by offloading unwanted geographical locations to another website.

You get all eight modules above in one simple and easy to use platform. We host the software on our secure servers providing you access from anywhere at any time, for only $27 per month!

High Quality Cost Per Click Traffic With "Real Time Conversion Engine"

Let's face it, you need traffic that converts to survive online. and learning how to generate high converting traffic is extremely painful and expensive. But the fact remains that in order to sell your products you need traffic that's targeted and consists of people that are ready to buy your products and services. Uncovering the sources of this type of traffic is almost impossible for an individual business owner.

Our cost per click traffic is sourced from various providers who we've been working with for over a decade. These sources are reliable, targeted, and extremely exclusive to only a handful of clients.

We send all of our traffic through our proprietary "Real Time Conversion Engine" before it's released to you (if it qualifies). Our "Real Time Conversion Engine" weighs the quality of the traffic in real time, based on internal conversion rates from a given traffic source. If a source's conversion rate doesn't meet our strict standards, it's stopped immediately. This ensures that you'll pay only for what your traffic is worth, and you'll never waste money on a flood of worthless clicks.

Order one of our cost per click traffic packages below and let us take the headache out of your traffic requirements.

* All clicks are estimated. You may receive a higher amount of clicks, but never less.

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